Shekinah Glory Alaifea (שׁכִינה)

Shekinah. From the Hebrew word שׁכִינה (shekhinah) which means “God’s manifested glory” or “God’s presence”.  Also known to mean the dwelling place of God.

This is my baby sister, Shekinah.  I love the meaning of my sisters name.  If you know her like I do, you will agree that her beauty is far more than skin-deep.  Her stunning looks are enhanced by the love that exudes from who she is, and who she has become through her journey in God.  She literally lives out her name, to be a dwelling place of God.

She loves people and they respond to that acceptance and love. I have watched as she has selflessly given of her time and resources to assist other women who might need someone to talk to, cry with, vent to, pray with or laugh with.  Even in times where it gets busy or exhausting, I have seen her go directly to her big, strong God for her strength, guidance & direction.

Shekinah has been through some tough battles, but she has gained victory over those things.  They were obstacles that threatened her health, marriage, quality of life, joy.  But she fought through, and with God, she pushed ’til she broke clear through them.  She now has keys to help others from her life learned lessons.  When we overcome battles, it’s not just for our benefit, it is to help others who might be stuck, just like we were.

So, this is my baby sister, Shekinah.

She is found in God & him in her. In anxiety, she finds peace. In upheaval, she finds stability.  In mourning, she finds a reason to dance again. In life, she has found the reason to live.

















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