Wellington in Black & White Pt1 (of 3)

We recently spent some time in Wellington, New Zealand. This is a 5 part series of blogs of my time there. The first 3 will be black & white and the final 2 are in colour.  It’s my take on the streets of Wellington.  I love street photography.  I love photos that feel like they tell a story, or leave you wanting to know more about the subject/s in the shot.

So, this is my view on Wellington, its people and streets. We loved exploring the many interesting nooks and crannies of this eclectic city and it’s diversity in people. We will be back!


3 thoughts on “Wellington in Black & White Pt1 (of 3)

    • lightuponbeauty says:

      Hey Sarah, Thank you! Well, I make it obvious that I am taking photos and find that people either carry on & don’t mind it or they will turn away/ walk out of the shot. I often will strike up conversation if I want to take a closer portrait or get them into better light. Most people are more than happy to oblige! So far… lol

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