Our Enchanted Forest

A walk through our enchanted forest. Well, maybe not an actual forest, it’s more like a grouping of trees, and it’s not actually ‘ours’… it’s not even enchanted BUT when you are walking though the giant trees, with the atmospheric birdsong as your soundtrack and the muted sunlight perfectly lighting the pathways, you can’t help but feel as though you have stumbled right into a magical fairytale setting.

My daughter was definitely playing the part of the princess in this fairytale. She confidently pranced around, tutu skirt twirling, hands flying and hips swinging when asked to pose. She ran, she danced, she sang. It was so much fun. Until she got tired.  Very quickly my precious, kind, sweet, singing-and-dancing princess turned into a fed-up, slightly demanding, thirsty and very tired wee girl. That was my cue to end our wee photo-session, leave our fairytale and head back to reality.

It was fun while it lasted, my princess and I, exploring our enchanted forest.

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