Faces of New Brighton

Saturday morning markets in New Brighton, Christchurch.

It is a pretty great way to spend your Saturday morning. There is so much going on for your senses to take in… The canorous sounds of the buskers, the crowds of people bustling around the stalls, the smell of amazing ethnic food. My favourite part of all of this is the people. I love watching how people communicate, interact, and respond to each other.  I love seeing real emotions on peoples faces.

I love photos that make you feel the emotions of the subject captured in the picture.  Feeling the joy in their laugh, sensing the shyness in their body-language, seeing the age-old wisdom in their eyes.  Wanting to know more about their story, their background, the lessons they have learned.

My first time practising street-photography,  I tried to capture photos that made the observer feel something.  I wanted to take photos that either told a story or left the viewer longing to know the story of the subject.


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