Moody Monday Morning

Ah, school holidays. A break from the busy routine in our house.

So, goodbye to the battle to get 5 sleep-loving kids out of bed, the hustle to get the lunches done, the game of find-the-full-uniform, and the follow-up on unfinished homework… and hello to long sleep-ins, leisurely breakfasts, lounging in pyjamas all day, fun days at the park.

It’s no surprise the last thing on my 7 year old daughters mind was probably getting up before the sun to come on a photo-shoot with mama. Yet, bleary-eyed and yawning, she clambered out of bed to join me on my morning adventure.  She was actually excited to come explore with me, just the two of us.

So off we went.  As we ventured further away from the busy street and noise of the early morning cars, we came across an earthquake-damaged wharf.  It was quite a sight. The juxtaposition of this rugged, broken down wooden structure jutting out of the tranquil, calm, mist-covered water  was both beautiful & interesting.

It turned out to be a pretty perfect place to spend some one on one time with my daughter.  I love that my choosing to take up photography has created moments like this. Beautiful scenery, quality time with my children, mini-adventures and memories we will keep forever.

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