Cousins – Ready Made Best Friends!

Cousins. I have so many memories of the fun that my cousins & I had growing up. Back then we never had technology to frivol away our time, WE had the great outdoors and a wild imagination.  A simple walk through the park turned into an epic, adventure-filled expedition through a dangerous magical forest where uncertainty was around every corner. Throughout the years, our imaginary dramas were replaced with real life teen dramas and it was a lifelong friend, a cousin, who became my most trusted confidant. Fast forward to years later, even if we hadn’t seen each other in a long time, we always re-connected like it was just yesterday.

My children love their cousins. I love watching them interact, hearing them play make-believe, seeing them make memories.  I know that they will treasure those memories for life.

Capturing these moments through photography is important to me.  Pictures take us back to a time and place, we can reminisce, we can relive special moments.  I hope my children look back on these photos and are taken back to a time of fun, laughter & great imagination.


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