Cold Day Carnival

It was a cold, overcast morning. I knew that the Carnival were setting up at the beach so I lugged my eldest daughter out of bed (super early – she was half asleep so didn’t even protest) and we headed out to get some early morning shots.   Actually, she was happy to oblige, she knew being my model for the morning meant being paid in food & treats. Not to mention the fact she could (and would) brag to her siblings about her morning adventure and the treats they missed out on.

I actually treasure these special 1 on 1 moments with my children.  We have 5 of them, so alone-time with any of them individually does not happen very often.  Photography practice has been the perfect ‘excuse’ to grab that time together. We explore, make memories, AND I get to capture these moments in the images I take. Win-win.


2 thoughts on “Cold Day Carnival

  1. Shaz says:

    Levi, these are among your best in my opinion!
    3 of my favs are the set of 3 of Koia looking up laughing in B&W and the two below that. Just love them – have really captured something special here 😊


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